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Reasons to Visit Happy TeaHouse & Café When You Want Bubble Tea

Happy TeaHouse & Café has a great atmosphere and features everything that you could want in a bubble tea shop. Keep reading to learn some of the reasons why you should stop by our location ...
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What Type of Tea Is in Bubble Tea?

As the name implies, bubble tea is traditionally made using a tea base. Most bubble tea shops make their bubble tea exclusively with black tea, which is known as red tea in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and ...
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Trying Bubble Tea in Taiwan

Have you ever wondered where bubble tea originated when visiting your local bubble tea shop? This fun and tasty beverage was first developed in Taiwan, where it’s incredibly popular to this day. ...
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Why Is It Called Bubble Tea?

It’s a common and understandable misconception that bubble tea gets its name from the bubble-like tapioca pearls that fill the bottom of the cup. Rather, the truth behind the origin of the ...
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