Blog Posts in May, 2017

Stay Cool with a Delicious Thai Iced Tea

Once summer weather rolls around, many people in Houston turn to cold beverages like bubble tea, smoothies, and iced tea to keep cool. Another option that is a summertime favorite for many is Thai ...
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Comparing Potatoes and Taro

Have you ever tried boba tea or a smoothie that was flavored with taro? If not, then you’re in for a treat. Like a potato, taro is a root vegetable, and it’s used extensively in African, ...
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Watch People Try Their First Boba Tea

Called bubble tea and pearl tea by others, boba tea is a beverage that has several names and comes in many flavors. What boba tea is most known for, however, is the layer of chewy, tapioca pearls that ...
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Unique Ways to Drink More Tea

Have you recently discovered a local tea house that you love? If so, then you may enjoy trying something new each visit. For those looking for unique ways to drink tea, consider the following ideas: ...
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Which Refreshing Slurpy Flavor Will You Try?

Happy TeaHouse & Café offers a wide selection of delicious drinks to choose from, and some of the favorites among our customers are the slurpy beverages. Available in many varieties, these ...
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