The Health Benefits of Tea

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Your local tea house is an excellent place to enjoy a delicious drink in a relaxing atmosphere, but when you order your cup of tea, you may be getting more benefits than you realize. There are endless varieties of tea available at the tea house and besides being tasty beverages, some of them offer health benefits as well.

Benefits of Green Tea
Green tea is made using steamed leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant and contains high amounts of EGCG, a type of antioxidant. Researchers believe that the EGCG found in green tea may inhibit the growth of breast, lung, bladder, pancreatic, stomach, and colorectal cancers. Additionally, green tea’s antioxidants may reduce the risk of neurological disorders, clogging of arteries, and stroke. It is also believed that green tea can aid in weight management by helping to burn fat.

Benefits of Black Tea
Black tea is made from fermented Camellia sinensis leaves and contains relatively high amounts of caffeine. Black tea is commonly used for flavored tea beverages and instant tea mixes. Studies have found that drinking black tea may protect the lungs from the ill effects of cigarette smoke, and may also reduce a person’s risk for stroke.

Benefits of White Tea
Out of white, green, and black teas, white contains the least amount of caffeine and has the mildest flavor. White tea is also made from Camellia sinensis leaves, but they are harvested earlier than other varieties and are less processed and uncured. Because of this, the leaves retain more of their beneficial antioxidants, potentially making them even healthier than green tea leaves. Consuming white tea may increase cardiovascular health, improve cholesterol levels, and reduce the risk of some cancers.

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