A Newcomer’s Guide to Boba Tea

If you haven’t heard of boba tea, you may have heard of one of the several other names that it goes by, which can include bubble tea, bubble milk tea, and pearl tea. Boba tea is a sweetened, tea-based beverage that is highly customizable and has recently become popular among people of all ages. Food

Boba Tea’s Beginnings

In Taiwan, it’s common for tea merchants to set up concession stands outside of schools to gain the business of students at the end of their school day. The stands compete for business by trying to create the most delicious tea to sell. In the early 1980s, one merchant decided to add fruit flavorings to her tea, and the idea caught on. Because the teas required shaking to mix the flavoring, they would frequently be served with bubbles, and this came to be known as bubble tea. Later, people began adding tapioca pearls to bubble tea.

Boba Tea’s Ingredients

Most bubble teas start with a green or black tea base, but coffee bases are sometimes offered as well. Next, milk or condensed milk is added to the base. At this point, a wide variety of items might be added to the boba tea, which can include fruit flavorings, frozen fruit, ice cream, and jelly candies. After the tea, the milk, and the flavorings, all that’s left is the boba. Boba are tapioca pearls that can be clear, brown, or one of many colors. They are the bubble-like balls that sink to the bottom of boba tea , and have a chewy consistency, but usually have little flavor.

Boba Tea’s Flavors

Because there are so many boba tea flavorings available the possibilities for tasty combinations are endless. Popular choices include watermelon, pineapple, strawberry, and cherry. If you’d like to try something more adventurous, opt for avocado, red bean, sesame, or ginger-flavored boba tea.

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