Get Your Bubble Tea Order Ready

Bubble teas can be delicious whether you order a simple, sweet milk tea with boba, or if you prefer more elaborate combinations that include flavorings and add-ons. Use this guide to help you get your bubble tea order ready. Milkshake

Bubble Tea Basics

To make your bubble tea order, first, decide what size you would like. Many shops offer 16oz and 24oz size options. Next, choose hot or cold bubble tea. Hot bubble teas made with spicy flavors like cinnamon and ginger are wonderful to drink when it’s cold outside. Many people prefer cold bubble teas during the summer and opt for fruity flavors.

Bubble Tea Bases

The next part of your bubble tea order is the base. Most bubble tea shops offer green tea and black tea bases, but you might also see oolong, jasmine, or coffee options. Next, decide if you would like your drink to be milk-based or fruit-based. Milk-based bubble teas usually include creamy flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and coconut. Popular fruit-based bubble teas include honeydew, peach, and strawberry.

Bubble Tea Flavors

Besides the flavors already mentioned, you are likely to find many more options when your order your bubble tea . While your choices might vary from place to place, some other common fruit flavors are cherry, watermelon, mango, and passionfruit. Creamier flavors often include coconut, taro, avocado, and red bean.

Bubble Tea Add-Ons

The “bubbles” at the bottom of a bubble tea are made from tapioca pearls called boba. The boba have a chewy texture, can come in a variety of colors, and are sometimes flavored with fruit syrups. The boba are considered by many to be an essential part of a boba tea order, but some people prefer popping boba over the traditional tapioca pearls. Popping boba burst inside your mouth and often come in flavors like strawberry, lychee, and mango. Other popular add-ons include jelly candies, frozen fruit, pudding, and ice cream.

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