How to Order at a Boba Café

Are you in the mood for a tasty and refreshing treat? Now is the time to visit a tea house in Houston to experience bubble tea for yourself. Bubble tea, or boba tea as it’s often known, was invented by accident when someone combined a Taiwanese dessert with iced tea. The result was so delicious that it caught on, and is now available in over 30 countries. Bubble tea got its name not from the black pearls of tapioca, but rather from the foam you get on top of the tea when it’s shaken vigorously. You can choose the flavors you like, ranging from green tea to various fruit teas, and sip your boba tea through a wide straw to get those chewy, tasty tapioca balls. Check out this infographic to learn more about boba tea, what to order, and how to drink it. Please share with your friends and neighbors!