Top Tips for Ordering a Delicious Bubble Tea

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For many people, trying bubble tea for the first time is a unique and delicious experience. However, if you already know that you love bubble tea and you are hoping to try something new and exciting, then keep the following tips in mind when making your bubble tea order:

Do not add just anything to your milk tea.

If you look at a tea house’s bubble tea menu, you are likely to find quite a few options available to you. Before you begin picking flavors and add-ons at random, keep in mind that not all bubble tea combinations mesh nicely. For example, many people find that creamy, milk-based bubble teas do not mix well with popping boba or sour jellies. However, adding pudding or ice cream to a milky bubble tea is a favorite combination for many.

Pair fruit selections with other fruit flavors.

If you are planning to order a fruit-based bubble tea, then you will find that just about everything other than pudding works well with this option. Among the most popular fruit bubble tea flavors are honeydew melon, cherry, and strawberry, and passion fruit jellies are a go-to add-on for people who like to make their fruit-based bubble teas more interesting.

Step out of your comfort zone.

By mixing fruit with fruit and pairing milk with sweet and creamy options, it is hard to go wrong when experimenting with bubble tea. With the wide variety of bubble tea flavors and add-on selections available, there are more unique combinations than you could possible try. For this reason, you should not hesitate to try something new the next time you order bubble tea. Who knows? You may even discover a new favorite!

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