Answering Your Questions About Bubble Tea


Have you heard of bubble tea but have questions about this popular drink? If so, then continue reading to learn more about this fun and delicious beverage.

What is bubble tea?

Bubble tea is a flavored drink that is typically served cold. This beverage originated in Taiwan in the 1980s and has become quite popular in the United States and other countries since then. Bubble tea goes by a variety of other names, some of which include pearl tea, milk tea, tapioca tea, and boba tea.

What are the chewy balls in bubble tea?

The chewy balls in bubble tea are called boba, which are tapioca pearls. These tapioca pearls are made from starch that is extracted from the cassava root and are similar to those used in tapioca pudding. The boba grow in size and develop a chewy texture that is much like that of gummy bears when they are cooked. Boba are usually clear or black in color, and they sometimes come in a variety of different flavors, as well.

What type of tea is used in bubble tea?

Most tea houses use black and green tea to create the tea bases for bubble tea. When ordering your bubble tea, ask what types of tea are available so you can be sure to order a bubble tea flavor that you’ll love.

Which bubble tea flavor should I try?

There is a wide range of bubble tea options available, and some flavors tend to be more popular than others. If you’re going to try bubble tea for the first time, then consider starting with one of the more popular varieties, such as peach, honeydew, mango, passion fruit, lychee, or strawberry.

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