Spotlight on Tapioca Tea


Tapioca tea is one of our most popular drinks. Tapioca comes from cassava root, a plant that is actually toxic before it’s cooked. Don’t worry, processing and cooking the tapioca makes it perfectly healthy and safe! Tapioca is formed into little pearls, often called boba, and placed in the bottom of milk tea, slushies, and other drinks. Tapioca tea, as its name implies, is a delicious drink with tapioca pearls in the bottom. The drink itself is a mixture of black tea and milk served with an oversized straw for tapioca pearls to pass through.

Tapioca tea originated in Taiwan in the 1980s. The idea actually came from a woman who was bored during a restaurant staff meeting and decided to dump her tapioca pudding into her iced tea! The drink was a hit, and the franchise decided to add it to their menu, where it became a top selling product. Tapioca tea continues to grow in popularity today.

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