Spotlight on Matcha Tea


While perusing your local tea house’s menu, you may notice matcha listed a few times. If you have heard of matcha and have questions about this option, then continue reading to learn about matcha tea.

How Matcha Tea Is Used

Matcha means “powdered tea,” and it is a unique form of green tea that can be made and served traditionally or added to smoothies and tea blends . When you drink a typical green tea beverage, the flavor and color come from the infusion of green tea leaves in hot water. Also, the leaves are removed and discarded before the drink is served. Matcha tea is made from tea leaves that are ground into a fine powder. The powered is mixed with hot water, and the solution is whisked together, traditionally using a bamboo brush.

How Matcha Tea Is Grown

The leaves that are used to make matcha green tea differ from those selected to make other green teas. The tea plants are covered with shade cloths prior to harvesting, a practice that triggers the growth of leaves with better texture and flavor. The tea leaves are then hand-selected, briefly steamed to halt fermentation, dried, and ground into powder.

How Matcha Tea Is Beneficial

Because of the high quality of the leaves that are used and the fact that they are ingested instead of just steeped, consuming matcha tea may offer greater health benefits than drinking standard green tea. Matcha tea provides some minerals and vitamins. More importantly, this tea contains high amounts of polyphenols, which are antioxidants that have been linked to blood pressure reduction, blood sugar regulation, and anti-aging effects. Finally, research has indicated that another type of antioxidant found in matcha tea, called EGCG, may increase metabolism and slow or reduce cancer cell growth.

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