What You Should Know Before Trying Bubble Tea


If you’re like many people who are interested in trying bubble tea for the first time, then you may have questions about what this drink is and how it is made. If so, then read on to find out a few important facts about bubble tea.

Bubble Tea Origins

Bubble tea originated in Taiwan, and this is still where the beverage is most popular and well-known, despite its surge in popularity in other parts of the world. The drink has been around for more than 3 decades, and it is traditionally prepared as a milk tea that is made with freshly brewed tea and shaken up with sugar, milk, and ice. Bubble tea gets its name from the froth that develops when it is shaken, rather than the tapioca pearls that resemble bubbles at the bottom of the cup.

Bubble Tea Toppings

Although they are called toppings, these elements of a bubble tea beverage are what fall to the bottom of the drink. The most well-known of these are boba, which are tapioca pearls that are usually black or clear in color and can be sweetened and flavored. Boba have a chewy consistency and are made from the starch of the cassava root. Jelly candies and popping boba are some examples of other toppings that you may see on a boba tea house menu. These toppings are often mixed with juices and fruit syrups to give them color and taste.

Bubble Tea Flavors

There are countless combinations of flavors available when it comes to ordering bubble tea. However, classic milk tea, which is made with black tea, sugar, and milk powder, is the original blend. This option and variations of it are still very popular. Some of the other options that have evolved and become favorites for many include taro, peach, passion fruit, strawberry, honeydew, and coconut.

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