• Breaking Down the Components of Traditional Boba Tea


    With options ranging from coffee, coconut, and avocado to pineapple, papaya, and passionfruit, the list of boba tea flavor combinations that you can enjoy is nearly endless. Because of the varieties available, many people don’t know what goes into the original boba tea. Continue reading to learn about the traditional ingredients of this popular beverage.


    As you probably guessed, tea plays an important role in traditional bubble tea. Boba tea originated in Taiwan, and Taiwanese black tea was used to create the beverage. Today, boba tea houses use other types of tea as well, and some boba tea varieties include no tea at all. For example, fruit flavored boba teas are sometimes made using fruit juice and may not contain tea.


    If you’ve never tried boba tea before, then you’re probably curious about the spheres that sit at the bottom of a cup of this drink. The chewy spheres, which can be dark or light and sweetened or flavored, are tapioca pearls, also known as boba, from which the beverage gets its name.


    One of the most loved features of boba tea is how sweet and delicious the beverage is. Sugar, honey, and flavored syrups are some popular boba tea sweeteners. Sweetening boba tea can balance the bitterness of the tea base that it’s made with and enhance whatever flavor you select for your drink.


    You may have noticed that some types of boba tea are translucent while others have a creamy appearance. Typically, fruit-flavored boba teas do not use creamer. On the other hand, options like red bean, taro, pudding, and coconut often include ingredients like milk, soy milk, half and half, or powdered non-dairy creamer to enhance their flavor and give them a milky consistency.

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  • What Goes into a Banh Mi Sandwich?

    A banh mi sandwich is a popular Vietnamese food offered at tea houses, restaurants, and street stalls. This delicious sandwich can be made in a variety of ways. Watch this video to see what goes into the crowd-pleasing grilled pork banh mi sandwich.

    Pork shoulder, black soy sauce, fish sauce, sugar, garlic, shallot, salt, and pepper are needed to prepare the grilled pork. For the pickled carrot and daikon condiments, water, distilled white vinegar, carrot, daikon, sugar, and salt are used. Jalapeno, Maggi sauce, mayonnaise, white onion, cilantro, and a French baguette are needed to complete the sandwich.

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  • Your Guide to Ordering the Perfect Bubble Tea


    Bubble tea is a fun and delicious drink that continues to grow in popularity. However, you may have questions about the different options that are available when trying this type of drink for the first time. Read on to learn how to order the perfect bubble tea.


    It’s possible for bubble tea to be prepared as a hot drink. However, this beverage is traditionally served cold, and these iced options are what most bubble tea shops offer on their menu .


    The average bubble tea drink can be categorized as either fruity or creamy. Creamy bubble teas, which are sometimes called milk teas, have an opaque appearance, boast a creamy consistency, and are typically made with milk, soy milk, or almond milk. A fruity bubble tea is a tea drink that is usually flavor-rich and very refreshing.


    Many boba tea shops offer a large selection of drink combinations for customers to choose from, and some allow you to select the type of tea that you prefer. In either case, you will probably have the choice between a black tea and a green tea beverage. Black tea options usually have the highest amounts of caffeine.


    Next, it’s time to think about what flavor you’d like. Generally, creamy bubble teas work best with flavors like mocha, vanilla, and coconut, while fruit flavors like peach, passionfruit, and mango are reserved for the fruity bubble teas that are made without milk. However, creamy bubble tea blends made with fruit flavors are a favorite for many people and can be delicious, as well.


    Finally, you may find that there are some additional options for you to consider when ordering your bubble tea. Pudding, for example, can bring more texture and rich flavor to your creamy bubble teas, while jellies and popping boba are favorites for fruit-flavored blends.

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