Answering Common Questions About Black Tea

Teapot When you visit your local tea house, you’re likely to see a wide selection of tea options, including many made with black tea, which has been enjoyed by people for hundreds of years. Continue reading to learn the answers to common questions that people have about black tea.

How much caffeine is in black tea?

Many boba tea house customers wonder how a cup of black tea measures up to their traditional morning coffee. 8 fluid ounces of black tea has between 25mg and 48mg of caffeine, while the same amount of brewed coffee often has more than 100mg.

How do I steep black tea?

Allowing your black tea to steep means letting it sit after saturating it with water. Typically, nearly-boiling water is used to brew and steep tea, and black tea is often left to steep for about 3 to 5 minutes.

How is black tea different from green tea?

Both black and green tea come from the Camellia sinensis plant and are harvested by plucking the uppermost leaves and buds. Also, green tea usually contains less caffeine than black tea. To make green tea, the leaves are heated to stop oxidation and allow the leaves to retain their green color. To create black tea, the leaves are allowed to oxidize before being dried.

Is green tea healthier than black tea?

For years, research has been conducted to gauge the health benefits of green tea. However, both black and green teas contain beneficial antioxidants, support teeth and bone health, and offer cardiovascular benefits. When it comes to cancer prevention, however, green tea takes the prize.

What beverages are made with black tea?

Masala chai and Thai tea blends are made with black tea leaves, and it’s also commonly used to make traditional iced tea. You will also find black tea in Irish breakfast, English breakfast, English afternoon, and Earl Grey tea blends.

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