FAQs About Different Types of Boba

Drink If you love trying different bubble tea flavors, then you already realize that there are different types of tapioca pearls that can be used to create this tasty drink. However, how much do you know about each kind? Keep reading to learn the answers to common questions about types of boba.

Do clear boba taste like anything?

Boba pearls are made from tapioca starch, which comes from a root vegetable called cassava. When cooked, the tapioca pearls can grow to 10 millimeters in diameter and become translucent. The clear boba are incredibly versatile because they can be made just about any color by soaking them in various liquids and syrups. However, when cooked normally, clear boba have very little flavor.

Why are some boba black?

You may have noticed that most bubble tea beverages feature black tapioca pearls instead of clear . One reason for this is their color, which stands out at the bottom of a bubble tea drink. The second reason for their popularity is that black boba are made using brown sugar, which gives them their dark color but also a sweet flavor. The primary differences between clear and black boba are that black ones are darker in color and cooked with brown sugar.

Can you add flavor to boba?

Both black and clear boba can be prepared in a way that adds flavor to the tapioca. This is often done by soaking the cooked pearls in a sweetened and flavored syrup.

What’s the difference between normal boba and pearl boba?

Boba tea and pearl tea are often used interchangeably to describe bubble tea beverages. However, some people consider pearl tea to be bubble tea that is made with smaller tapioca pearls that are about half the size of the larger variety.

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