Does Bubble Tea Always Come with Tapioca?

Drinking straw

Traditionally, bubble tea does come with tapioca, which is commonly referred to as boba. After all, it’s the pearls at the bottom of the cup that make bubble tea so recognizable. However, you can always customize your bubble tea drink, and this means that you can order it without any tapioca.

If you’re not a fan of the chewy tapioca pearls that usually come with bubble tea, you can simply ask for tea without the boba and enjoy a tasty beverage. However, if you still want your drink to have something other than tea, milk, and flavoring, then consider adding a different topping. Bubble tea shops typically offer a variety of toppings that you can add to your drink, such as grass jelly, coconut candies, fruit jam, popping boba, and pudding.

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