Looking at Different Types of Bubble Tea


Delicious and refreshing, bubble tea beverages are available in many flavors and combinations. If you love these tea blends or want to know more about them, then read on to discover some of the menu options you might see at your local bubble tea shop.

Classic Recipes

A staple for a bubble tea menu, classic bubble tea is made using tea, tapioca pearls, sweetener, and milk . Sometimes referred to as pearl milk tea, classic bubble tea is a favorite for many fans of this frothy beverage. When classic bubble tea is made using black tapioca pearls instead of clear or colored ones, it’s sometimes referred to as black pearl milk tea. Also, there are a few classic bubble tea variations that enjoy less popularity, such as pearl tea, which is made without milk or creamer.

Flavored Options

Classic milk tea is the most popular type of bubble tea in many places. However, there is a huge range of alternative flavors available. Some of these options are also quite popular, while others are unique and hard to come by. You’ll find no shortage of fruit-flavored varieties when exploring bubble tea options, with some of the most popular varieties including honeydew, strawberry, mango, passionfruit, and peach. As for savory options, there is also plenty to choose from. You may encounter savory bubble teas in flavors like taro, coffee, almond, red bean, and avocado.

Add-In Variations

Many bubble tea shops offer a variety of add-ins that you can choose from, so when you factor in the number of extras you can add to your bubble tea order, the possibilities seem endless. Customers can often customize their bubble tea with add-ins like pudding, fruit jam, aloe vera cubes, jelly candies, popping boba, and fresh fruit.

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