• Tips for Choosing the Right Boba Tea Toppings


    There are so many options for boba tea flavors and toppings that choosing a great combination isn’t always straightforward. When ordering your beverage the next time you visit a boba tea house, keep the following in mind when it comes to choosing your toppings:

    The flavor that you select for your bubble tea should impact your choice of toppings. For example, if you choose a fruity boba tea flavor, such as passion fruit or green apple, then a creamy topping like pudding may cause a clash of flavors. Instead, try adding creamy toppings to flavors like taro, coconut, and avocado. Conversely, the tartness of popping boba or fruit jelly won’t always pair well with savory boba tea flavors. For this reason, consider reserving fruit jelly and popping boba for boba tea flavors like pineapple, strawberry, and lychee.

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  • The Beginner’s Guide to Black Tea


    Many of the bubble teas served at tea houses are made with a base of black tea. However, black tea is enjoyed on its own around the world, and this popular beverage comes in many flavors. Continue reading for an introduction to black tea.


    Like green and white tea, black tea starts out as a leaf on the Camellia sinensis plant. How the leaves are prepared is what gives different types of tea their color, taste, and characteristics. To create black tea, the leaves are harvested and then prepared through withering, rolling, and fermenting. Unlike green and white teas, which are made with leaves that are not fermented or only lightly fermented, black tea leaves are completely fermented during the preparation process.


    Black tea is incredibly popular in the West, and there is a huge range of black tea blends on the market. Among the most popular types of black tea that you might find on a menu at a cafe or tea house include earl grey, masala chai, Irish breakfast, and English breakfast. You can also find black tea varieties that are flavored with fruits, flowers, and spices such as passion fruit, peach, mango, ginger, jasmine, rose, cinnamon, and orange peel. Depending on the ingredients used and how the tea leaves are processed, black tea can have everything from fruity and floral flavors to ones that are earthy or smoky.


    Black tea can also be classified by the region in which the tea is grown. While many tea blends use a mixture of tea leaves sourced from different parts of the world, some varieties are region specific. For example, Darjeeling tea comes from the Darjeeling area of India, Assam tea is grown in the Assam region of India, and Ceylon tea comes from Sri Lanka. Teas like these, which use leaves from one location, are referred to as single-origin teas.

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  • The Importance of Studying With a Group


    Whether you meet up at the library, in your living room, or at your favorite bubble tea shop, there are several advantages to be had from studying with peers. Keep reading to learn a few of the reasons why it can be important to study with a group.

    It can give you new perspectives.

    If you’re feeling stuck on a subject or find one of your topics to be dull, then you may benefit from joining a study group. When you cover material with others in your class, you gain exposure to their different perspectives. By seeing the coursework from various angles, you may find that it is easier to understand or more interesting.

    It provides you with a support network.

    When you’re burdened with lots of assignments or struggling in a subject area, school can begin to feel stressful and overwhelming. However, by tackling these challenges with your classmates, you can benefit from the support system that they offer, as well as each of their academic strengths.

    It can help you cover more material.

    If you have been assigned to read and review 5 chapters of a text book, then doing this by yourself might take up a significant chunk of your available study time. However, when you study in a group, then each of you can read 1 chapter and then review it for the others during your meetups. In this way, studying in a group may allow you to cover more material in a shorter span of time.

    It can make learning more enjoyable.

    Finally, one of the greatest advantages of studying with others is that doing so can make learning more fun. Knowing that you’re all in the same boat and have similar goals may help you feel motivated to learn and can make studying a more enjoyable experience.

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  • Answers to Common Questions About Ordering Bubble Tea


    Are you eager to try your first bubble tea but feel overwhelmed by the number of menu options? If so, then continue reading to learn the answers to commonly asked questions about ordering bubble tea.

    What are bubble tea toppings?

    Although their name implies otherwise, bubble tea toppings are the ingredients that fall to the bottom of the cup. Tapioca pearls, which are also referred to as boba, are the standard bubble tea topping and are what people often think of when bubble tea comes to mind. However, there are other options that you may have to choose from, such as fruit jellies, pudding, and popping boba.

    Is there a ‘plain’ bubble tea?

    The closest thing to a plain bubble tea is classic milk tea, which is the original bubble tea recipe. Classic milk tea is made with black tea, as well as sweetener, milk, and tapioca pearls. This original bubble tea flavor is quite popular and can be an excellent choice for anyone trying bubble tea for the first time. Not ready to try toppings in your drink? Then just order your bubble tea without toppings or boba.

    What if I don’t want milk?

    Bubble tea is an incredibly customizable drink. This means that you can order the flavor that you want, but without any dairy added. Some flavors to consider for bubble tea without milk include pineapple, strawberry, watermelon, passion fruit, and green apple.

    Are fruit flavors better than savory ones?

    While fruit flavors are widely loved when it comes to bubble tea, there are plenty of people who prefer savory flavors. To find your favorite bubble tea flavors, consider ordering something new each time. As for savory flavors, some popular options include coffee, avocado, red bean, taro, and coconut.

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