• Reasons to Study at Happy Teahouse


    Happy Teahouse is more than just a great place to get delicious drinks. It’s also the perfect place for students to study or work on homework assignments! There are several reasons why our fun atmosphere is the ideal location for your next study session.

    Group Setting

    Studying and doing homework in a group setting can greatly boost your productivity, even if everyone is working on completely different subjects. If you are studying the same material, working with others helps you improve your notes as well as cover more material. Either way, you will have a good support system when everyone around you is also working or studying, and being with friends makes learning more fun!

    Fuels Your Brain

    You wouldn’t forget to fuel up before a sporting event, so treat your brain the same way! All that hard work that goes into completing your assignments uses energy, so it’s important to replenish it. Students also have a tendency to skip eating when they are absorbed in school work, so being somewhere that serves a variety of tasty snacks, meals, and drinks will remind you to tend to your stomach.

    Helpful Features

    Happy Tea House is open late, so you and your friends can have plenty of time to get your studying done after class or work. We also offer plenty of seating to accommodate groups both large and small. We realize a lot of assignments rely on technology, so we offer free Wi-Fi with every purchase as well as outlets to plug in laptops and other gadgets. We strive to make sure you have everything you need for a productive study environment.

    If you need a new place to study or just want to try some delicious bubble tea in Houston, come to Happy Tea House ! To learn more about our tea house, you can visit us online or contact us at (713) 469-3275. We offer both indoor and outdoor seating and a fun, comfortable environment.