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Open late and a fun place to hang out

Neat little place near the AMC 30 that's open late and a fun place to hang out before or after movies.

Like others have said, the average drink price is $5. There are probably plenty of cheaper places for bubble tea but the location isn't terrible. They have a huge selection of drinks to choose from as well as a tiny food menu that I haven't tried yet. Lots of chairs and couches and free wifi, I'd definitely consider it a nice place to hang out with friends if you're like me and bars just aren't your thing.

Anne D. Dallas , TX May 31, 2012

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This has been my go-to spot for years now

Okay, okay. 5 stars! I was going to settle for 4 stars but honestly this has been my go-to spot for years now. Quick service, drinks made super speedy (although all I ever get here is my usual Jasmine Green Tea and coffee jelly), TONS of seating, and the atmosphere (80% of the time depending what time you go) is perfect for studying.

I always go from 9p-2am as many nights as I can. I'll either plan to meet a friend up there or go on a whim. After ordering I'll post up, get my laptop out, plug it up into one of the many outlet plugs on the floor, wall, or extension cord. There has NEVER been a time that I've come to HTH and not have an outlet to plug my charger in. There's literally one floor-port for every table. I've got an old MacBook with an old battery so having a charging station is IMPERATIVE for my laptop to operate to its fullest potential. As far as wi-fi, with every purchase, you can ask them for the wi-fi password. There are other routes to getting access to wi-fi but I'll leave that out. HTH offers wi-fi and it's public for customers as long as you make a purchase, let's just leave it at that!

Parking is always spacious. There's generally some pretty terrible parkers but just a few spots down is more space or you can parallel park along side the Dunvale side of HTH.

If there had to be a downside to HTH, it'll have to be that darn smoothie blender machine. LOUDEST kitchen appliance I've ever heard. I've combated this issue by plugging in my headphones, maxing out the volume, and drowning any other sound so i can focus on my work (which I do regardless while studying!). The noise level isn't quiet unless it starts winding down to the late hours and the preteens/high schoolers have to go to bed soon.

The other downside would be if you sit too close to the side-door that leads to the patio, you'll often times get a whiff of the disgusting smoke smell from the cigarette fans that post up outside. I'm biased, I hate smoking. How to combat? Just don't sit close to that door. Easy.

My favorite study spot. Hands down. The only place I know that is open regularly until 2am which fits perfectly into my study schedule.

Melissa P. Houston , TX February 28, 2013

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Definitely one of my favorite spots

Great lay back atmosphere, come as you are do your homework or do some work. Great WiFi connection, food is reasonable, prices and the tea and tapiocas will make people comeback. Definitely one of my favorite spots.

Hector C. Sugar Land , TX December 2, 2013

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Nice spot to hang out

Nice spot to hang out or spend sometime alone with you and your laptop. The ice mocha coffee is great, specialty hot mocha is really tasty in the cold day. My fav so far.

The services is decent, no complaints here, a lot of space and super quiet if you come on weekdays afternoon.

One big plus about this place is they're open late and open on holidays when the others coffee shop was closed.

Eric L. Houston , TX December 28, 2013

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Fast service and very delicious drinks!

Fast service and very delicious drinks! I have never tried the food, but I highly recommend the watermelon, peach, papaya, pineapple and almond cream smoothies.

Amanda Missouri City , TX January 11, 2015

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Great place…always good

Awesome place to stop and get a refreshing smoothie! I first go the strawberry banana which was great. I got the coconut the next. Also very good but different texture. My absolute favorite is the almond! I was surprised how much I enjoyed this smoothie. Great place to stop after a date or just when your out and about. Fun to try different smoothies. Always good

Rachel R. Houston , TX February 4, 2015

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I love this place!

I love this place, their tapioca is my favorite and if your feeling hungry they also serve food, great to study and great place to hang out

Katy A. Houston , TX February 22, 2015

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Fun hang out place & great service

I've always loved the Happy Teahouse and now even more that is closer to me on Richmond. I really like the new large space. Customer service is always great, fun environment to play games and the smoothies and tapioca drinks are sooooooo delicious!!!

Ana K. Richmond April 12, 2019

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